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EBSC Training Recommendations

Free exchange of persons and services (goods & capital) within the European Union is guaranteed by the Treaty of Rome. Free exchange of persons and services within the medical profession was brought into effect by the Commission in 1975.

1975 also sees the creation of the Advisory Committee for Medical Training (ACMT), to which UEMS is affiliated. The aim of ACMT is to help ensuring a comparably demanding standard of medical training in the European Union.

Therefore, the long term aim of UEMS and its European Boards - EBSC for cardiology training - is to harmonise and improve the quality of specialist medicine. To achieve this goal, the Executive Committee of the EBSC has formulated in 1996 Recommendations for Education and Training in Basic Cardiology in Europe.

This document outlines the following:

General aspects of training in cardiology
Requirements for training institutions in cardiology
Requirements for teachers within cardiology
Requirements for training
Specific recommendations for training in basic cardiology
EBSC - Central Monitoring Authority

The recommendations will be reviewed and updated in the near future.