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Sub-speciality Accreditation Coordination Task Force

General information
Coordination Task Force Committee


General Information

EBSC set in 2004 the Coordination Task Force for Sub-speciality Accreditation , with the objective to harmonise accreditation processes undertaken by different cardiology subspecialty groups. The Task Force is working on specific recommendations on subspecialty accreditation which will be available soon on the web site.

The EBSC Coordination Task Force for Subspecialty Accreditation (also called “Coordination Task Force” ) consists of representatives of ESC Working Groups and Associations which have developed, or are in the process of developing, accreditation for their subspecialty.

The role of the Coordination Task Force is twofold:
• To work together on the definition of commonly accepted minimum sub-speciality accreditation requirements and procedures
• To advice the EBSC on the development and status of subspecialty accreditation, and contribute to the overall coherence of accreditation within the specialty of cardiology

For the moment in time five sub-specialities are represented in the Coordination Task Force:
Echocardiography (European Association of Echocardiography, EAE)
Electrophysiology (European Heart Rhythm Association, EHRA)
Interventional Cardiology (European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions, EAPCI))
Nuclear Cardiology (ESC WG 5)
Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (ESC WG 26)

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Coordination Task Force Committee

Prof. J-L Lopez-Sendon - Chairman of Coordination Task Force - ESC Representative
Dr Rolf Michels - EBSC Chairman - UEMS Cardiology Section Representative
Prof. Carlo Di Mario - EAPCI - Interventional Cardiology
Dr Kevin Fox - EAE
Dr Jose Merino - EHRA
Dr Jeroen Bax - ESC WG5 Nuclear Cardiology
Prof. Dudley Pennell - ESC WG26 Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

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